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Massage Therapy Buffalo NY
Couples Massage $120
Massage Buffalo NY
Massage Studio Buffalo

Massage Buffalo NY - A Few Words About Us ​​

The Massage Studio-Buffalo offers Therapeutic & Relaxation Massage In Buffalo NY. Couples Massage Buffalo, Deep Tissue, Back & Neck, General Swedish, Prenatal Massages - all including Hot Stone Therapy at no additional charge. We have also added a Specialty Services section including - Raindrop Therapy, Chakra Balancing and Aromatherapy Body Wraps  under the services m​enu. Our highly trained New York State Licensed Massage Therapists are able to help with a wide variety of medical conditions along with the usual wear and tear that we place on the body. 
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We also offer On-Site/Corporate Seated Chair Massage. Perfect for any business looking to show their staff they care!

Established May 2005.

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Massage Therapy Buffalo NY
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Massage Therapist In Buffalo
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Best Massage in Buffalo, NY
 At the Massage Studio-Buffalo, we aim to improve the overall quality of life of all our clients through therapeutic massage therapy.  We believe that massage should not be viewed as a luxury, but rather as a necessity to maintain good health and wellbeing. 

Our therapists are all highly trained and receive over 1,100 hours of education and numerous ongoing training classes, which provides our clients with the newest and most up-to-date massage techniques available in the industry.

Every session performed at our Buffalo studio includes a complimentary hot stone massage treatment. Heat therapy massage is one of the most effective ways to relax tight and tense muscles.  It is one of the most non-invasive and least expensive things that we can add to a session while providing a huge benefit to our customers. We find that it makes our massage treatments more effective, as well as much more soothing!
We don’t charge a dollar more when adding hot stone therapy, we feel that we would be doing you a DISSERVICE by NOT offering it! Our clients will tell you that the free hot stones are one of the things they look forward to the most when they are coming for a session with us!
Massage Therapy Buffalo NY
Massage Studio Buffalo
Our Services
Massage Services
Couples Massage Buffalo NY
Fully Body Massage Buffalo NY
Personal Massage
Couples Massage ​​
prenatal massage Buffalo NY
Prenatal Massage
 raindrop therapy Buffalo NY
Raindrop Therapy
Aromatherapy Body Wrap
*Hot Stones always included Free
Swedish/ Deep Tissue              60 / 90 Minute

Couples / Duo                             60 / 90 Minute  

Back and Neck                             30 Minute 

Prenatal                                          60 / 90 Minute 

Raindrop Therapy                          60 Minute

Chakra Balancing                             60 Minute

Aromatherapy Body Wrap                60/90 Minute

Massage Therapy Buffalo NY
Specialty Services

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Massage Therapy Buffalo NY

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**Pre-payment of service will be required for all new clients as well as evening and weekend appointments.

**Please note that Saturday and Sunday appointments fill quickly, for preferred times please call at least one week in advance.

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Couples Massage $120

  Massage Therapy Prices in Buffalo, NY

We believe that you should get what you pay for. If you are paying for a 60-minute session, you should get the entire length of a 60-minute session! We advise all new clients to arrive several minutes early so that a brief medical form can be filled out, and any issues that you have can be discussed with the therapist.  This won’t be deducted from your treatment time.
This is our time, and part of doing our jobs properly.  We believe that the companies who have created the term “clinical hour” (which means 10 minutes less so that you can do the paperwork and talk to the therapist during YOUR therapy time), are simply rushing people in and out and want every minute of the day paid for by you.

Therapeutic Massage in Buffalo, New York
We allow you time before and after your massage to sit and relax, enjoy a glass of water or tea, chat with our therapists, or just get some much-needed down time!  That should not be included in the price of your massage, that is just good customer service to us!
We are a small business, not a major corporation with executives asking how we can make the most out of every minute.  We haven’t raised our rates since we were established in 2005. We believe that by keeping our prices competitive and low enough, we can let more people afford the ability to get a good massage at a reasonable rate!

Couples Spa in Buffalo and Erie County
One of our favorite massages is our Couples/Duo Massages.  These massages are done in the same room with two therapists, two tables, and two guests.  Our therapists will work in unison to give you and your guest a great, bonding experience. 
This is a great way to spend some quality time with a loved one while helping yourselves to become the best version of who you can be!  In a dimly lit room, we will have you and your guest undress and lay on the tables while we leave the room.
Once we return, we will focus on you as an individual during the session but you will be in the same room with your loved one and will still be able to talk and share what you feel with him or her. That is if you don’t fall asleep like a baby of course! You will leave the session feeling rested, relaxed and happy!

Massage Studio Buffalo
Massage Studio Buffalo Reviews
What Our Clients Say....
  1. My coworker and I are social workers, and we're in desperate need for some self care! She is always hesitant to spend money on herself, so once I convinced her to get a well needed and deserved massage, I had to find a good place! We called around and everyone was booked for weeks. I called massage studio because they were recommended on google. The woman who answered was very kind, and was able to get both myself and my coworker in that Saturday at the time we needed. We received lots of reminders and were able to confirm through text, which helped a lot with our busy schedules! We were running a few late, but the ladies were totally understanding and got us right in. My massage, done by Sarah, was pure bliss!! She hit all the spots, was amazing, great room and ambiance! Do not let the outside of the building fool you (slightly older building) the inside is beautiful and great! I've had a massage before where the woman wanted to talk the whole time and although I love meeting new people, this wasn't what I needed today and Sarah was great with that! I was so relaxed it took me a good 15 mins to get ready to leave afterwards. My favorite part is the full hour on the table. A lot of places take away time for changing and consultation, not massage studio! We ended exactly an hour after starting. My friend who was reluctant to ever do a massage, was on cloud 9!!! She was so happy she did it, and we have decided to do every other month together. Highly recommended. Way better then corporate massage envy. Thank you Sarah and staff for the great experience! You will see us again very soon!!
    Meghan E. 08/06/2017 YELP!
  2. Went last year while I was pregnant at their old location on Allen, they were great! Haven't been able to go back until now. Went in for a duo massage with my mother. Jessica and Melinda were amazing! Definitely paid close attention to our problem areas. My mother and I were both so relaxed we wish he had a bed to crash. Will be going again soon with my husband.
    Natalie R. 08/15/2017 Google
  3. Jessica and Harry are so welcoming and hospitable! They always treat me as if I'm the only client there. Beautiful studio. Highly recommend!
    Justine M. 04/01/2017 YELP!
  4. I absolutely love the Massage Studio! Since opening on Cleveland drive the parking is much easier too. Not only is the staff friendly but it is easy to get an appointment. The services are very fair in price and it is a very clean facility. I have been going for about one year now and will not go anywhere else. They include a hot stone massage in both their hour session and half hour sessions. Most facilities do not even work with hot stones. If you have not tried it you should. You will thank me!
    Audie L. 07/25/2017 YELP!
  5. I had an amazing massage with Jessica. I was so relaxed and comfortable. The peaceful and serene music playing, i dozed off a few times. I received a 2hr mother's day gift certificate from my husband and I thank him. Thank you Jessica and i will be back.
    Lawanda Helen D. 05/25/2017 Facebook
  6. We had never had a massage before and every place we called required 2/3 weeks advanced notice of when you were coming and had outrageous prices. Jen massaged me and Heidi massaged my boyfriend AJ. It was the most relaxing and friendly atmosphere that we have ever encountered. Very thorough and really accommodating for first timers and the price was so reasonable! We will certainly be back!!!.
    Jillian P. 06/03/2017 Facebook
  7. Jessica, thanks for the massage and for your generosity. I was super comfortable and relaxed. It was a perfect end to a busy week, and just what the doctor ordered to get me ready for a busy weekend. I'm in the perfect zone now :) thanks again, i loved it!
    James K. 08/04/2017 Facebook
  8. Very polite and friendly. Massage therapist was extremely nice, yet professional. Super comfy table & heated blankets were so soft. Hot stone massage was great. Would highly recommend a visit to the massage studio!! Thank you for the wonderful hour of relaxation!
    Samantha S. 07/29/2017 Google
  9. I called The Massage Studio looking for a same day 90 minute massage. They got me in the same evening. I am a massage therapist myself and I had to write a review because I had the most wonderful massage with Sara. She addressed all of my concerns and I found myself so relaxed that I almost fell asleep. I highly recommend her! Plus the new location is beautiful and professional! Thank you!
    Loretta G. 05/24/2017 Google
  10. I’ve been going to Jess for about 6 months now. I started going because I was at my wits end with debilitating headaches. I had tried everything-medications that weren’t helping, chiropractic care-which would only help for a day or so. It was affecting my whole life. Jess was so compassionate, and worked out a plan to help me. She really listened to what was going on and genuinely wanted to help. I’m happy to say that I rarely get headaches anymore, she is a miracle worker!
    Sarah S. 01/10/2018
Couples Massage $120

 Muscle Therapy in Buffalo, NY

When your massage is complete, we will let you enjoy the euphoric bliss that usually follows a great relaxing massage.  We will never try to sell you on memberships or contracts.  We feel that when you need a massage, you should simply get one. 
For everyone that need is different.  Even though once a month sounds great, we understand that it is not always practical or possible for everyone to come that often.  On the other hand, many people need to come more often than that when their treatment first starts so that they can see improvement faster.  You know your body better than anyone else, and with your therapist’s help, the two of you can decide when it is best for you to come back.

Deep Tissue Treatment in Western New-York
We have kept our list of services simple.  You pay for the time that you want to have a relaxation massage performed. What happens during that session is something that you will discuss with your own therapist when you come in. 
If you want us to focus on a specific medical condition, we can do it. For example, you may want a deep tissue massage, or you might be training for a marathon and need us to work specifically on a certain group of muscles. In the case of an injury, you may need relief from pain and tension symptoms, but you may just want to relax or have trigger points that you can’t get out worked on, in all these cases we can help you too. 

We will do whatever you need to make you feel more comfortable and improve your quality of life once the session is over.  We will not confuse you with a huge list of massages. We will simply include a little bit of everything, depending on what you need on an individual basis and we will never charge you more, even if it is more work for us.
Giving you the best massage and experience that we can is our number one goal. We love to educate our clients and to give them a natural way to help the body heal more effectively.  We offer alternative options to relieve pain, improve sleep, reduce stress, and improve your overall quality of life. 

We have listed some of our client reviews above so that you can hear from real people, with real issues and they will all tell you that The Massage Studio Buffalo can provide you with one of the best massage experiences in Western New York.

Call us now at 716-870-0240 to schedule some time for you!

Massage Therapy Buffalo NY