Frequently Asked Questions


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    What should I expect if it is my first massage?


    You will be lying on a massage table, with low lighting & candlelight, and soft music playing. You will be covered by a sheet and blanket. The therapist will uncover your arm, leg or back only while working on that area and then cover it immediately upon finishing the area. Our therapists are highly trained and you should never feel uncomfortable.
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    Will I be naked?/What should I wear?


    Massage is done best directly on the skin but everyone has different levels of comfort. We suggest that you undress to your own personal level of comfort. What you wear on the day of your massage doesn't matter, you will be removing most of it. Your therapist will leave the room while you are undressing, getting on the table and under the sheet. They will knock before they come in to ensure you are ready. Only the areas that are being treated are exposed and your privacy and comfort are of the utmost importance to us!
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    Will I need to fill out paperwork?


    Yes, you will need to fill out a brief medical form, listing any conditions that may require the therapist to adjust your treatment. Client forms are available online below to print and bring with you or email back to us before you appointment.
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    Can I request a Therapist?


    Yes, you can request any therapist you like or a therapist that you have worked with previously. You can view the biographies of our therapists through our online scheduling app Mindbody.
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    Will I always have the same therapist?


    If you would like to request a therapist, simply ask! If you have been to see us and forget who you had, we can easily look up that information. If you would like to try another therapist, you can always choose someone else! It's not necessary for you to always have the same therapist. But of course if you liked your session, it is best to continue working with one person.
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    Can I get an appointment for the same day?


    Sometimes. If we have availability, we will try to accommodate your request. Same day appointments are subject to room, time and therapist availability. We do not have therapists at the studio unless there are appointments booked. Please call ahead to schedule.
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    How much notice is needed to schedule an appointment?


    We all work for the weekend, so Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays fill rather quickly. We recommend booking appointments at least a week in advance, if not further out, for those days. This is especially important if you are booking for more than one client. Other days we generally have more flexibility, but we always recommend 2-3 days ahead when possible.
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    Do I need to bring anything?


    NO, we will have everything needed for your massage.
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    What things should I tell the Therapist prior to treatment?


    Please tell your therapist why you are getting the massage and what results you are looking to achieve.. Things like: if you have particular areas you would like focused on, if you just want to relax, if you want deep pressure, if you don't want an area worked on (i.e very ticklish feet, recent tattoo, etc). Most importantly, make your therapist aware if you have any allergies to anything that would be in a lotion or an oil (especially fragrance or nut.)
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    What if I am not comfortable during the massage?


    Please tell your therapist. If you are cold or warm, if the pressure is too deep or not deep enough, if the music is too loud, etc. Our goal is for you to enjoy your massage session. This is YOUR time!
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    Are all of the Therapists licensed in New York State?


    Yes! All of our therapists have passed the New York State licensing exam and maintain continuing education classes. This is required by the New York Department of Education and the NYS Office of the Professionals.
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Cancellation/No Show Policy
24 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Failure to do so, or not showing up at all, will result in the entire amount of the session being billed to you and you will be required to prepay for all future services. 

Sick Policy
We understand that illness is unavoidable. If you are ill, please call as you may need to reschedule if you have any of the following symptoms: fever, infection, early stages of a cold, flu, recent surgery, skin rash or anything contagious. Likewise if we are ill, we will call to reschedule your appointment with another therapist or for another day.

Late Policy
Please call as soon as possible. We do understand that things happen and will do our best to accomodate you if we can. Please understand that your session time is reserved for you until the session end time only. Arriving late will reduce your time, but will not alter the fee. ​​​​

Refund Policy
NO Refunds on Gift Certificates or Packages. 

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